Automotive Sales Training:

What’s worse? Training your people and having them leave or not training them and having them stay?

Wye Management Automotive Sales TrainingWye Management has trained over 15,000 salespeople since 1991 all over North America and is the largest provider of automotive sales training nationwide. Wye Management offers Canadian Solutions for Canadian Dealers. We assimilate best automotive sales training practices that top-performing dealers are utilizing today in an informative and entertaining style that will allow salespeople and sales managers to become more successful.

Selling a vehicle still has some basic steps that need to be executed but unfortunately, most dealerships still sell vehicles the way they did decades ago and have not yet realized that times have changed. The most significant change in the lay of the land has been the advent of the Internet which has dramatically affected consumer buying habits. Twenty years ago, it took customers more than four dealership visits before they purchased a vehicle; today, they visit less than two! Years ago, customers had to visit a dealership just to get a brochure or visit their local convenience store to purchase a car magazine; today, information is just a point and click away. Walk-in traffic is down but ‘finger traffic’ is up. For every 1 customer that walks onto your lot 200 may have been on your website. Long gone are the “clip boards” and “tire kickers.” Consumers can find what they want with just a few points and clicks on their computer keyboards. This simply means that the quality of today’s walk-ins, sales callers or e-leads are far superior than those of years past and if you adopt a ‘customer-friendly’ and professional purchase experience for your customers, you will have greater success.

The feedback from customer focus groups is clear. Here is what your customers are saying:

  • Customers want to buy quickly and easily.
  • Customers want to know and understand the sales process. Some also want to control it.
  • Customers want access to information: clarification of pricing, payment options, interest rates, rebates and all incentives
  • Many want their trade-in appraised early in the sales process. They want to establish a value.
  • Many want a finance approval early in the sales process. They are concerned about their ability to obtain credit or their ability to obtain a larger monetary amount for the vehicle they really want.
  • Customers want to drive the vehicle of their choice before a vehicle presentation.
  • They want to learn and get comfortable with cabin technology such as GPS, Bluetooth, social media interface, lane changing alert systems, rear back-up camera displays, etc.
  • Customers want to be presented choices. They don’t want to make offers.

Wye Management automotive sales training strategies align with the customer’s buying cycle, removes the traditional roadblocks and inefficiencies of many traditional sales processes and allows customers to gain access to the information they want in an efficient and timely manner. We are confident that if your dealership implements a more customer-friendly sales process, your team will reach amazing heights. Training is not a one-time event but rather a process of continual learning and evolution embracing new technologies as they become available. Today, dealerships that continue to embrace new technologies continue to maintain a competitive edge. Any organization’s strength is their people and investing in allowing them to reach their potential yields a tremendous R.O.I.

Contact our Automotive Training Manager today and learn how Wye Management can help your team sell more vehicles and generate more gross profits or visit our workshops page for detailed program outlines.

Program Sales Trainers:

Wye Management’s team of automotive sales trainers have extensive metropolitan retail dealership experience in sales, financial services, sales management and general management. All have trained from coast to coast in Canada and the United States and have created and facilitated national training programs for manufacturers such as General Motors, Ford of Canada, Fiat-Chrysler Canada, Toyota Canada, Nissan Canada, Mazda Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada, Volkswagen Canada and BMW Group Canada.

Wye Management Automotive Sales Training