“I’ve only done 13 TO’s this month but I’ve averaged $1029 per copy. I’m stoked!”

“I’ve done 20 TO’s so far and averaging $1400 per copy. I couldn’t have realized this without your help.”

“The best training I’ve been to in 15 years!”

“The program was outstanding. We are following your process to the letter and the new salespeople are keeping up with our veterans. This is more than we expected. Thank you.”

“I attended your course a few years back. Since then, we’ve gone on to become the #1 Ford dealer in Central Alberta.”

“We’re going to make money in the used car department for the first time this year. We’re averaging $5,000 front & back-end gross profit thanks to you.”

“Kyle has sold 5 out of his last 6 ups. He has a new confidence thanks to you.”

“Our dealerships were up 38% & 45% last year and you made the difference.”

“Our sales are up 42% and our Business Office gross profit is up 38% over last year since you started working with us in May. What an R.O.I.!”

“Our Business Office has never been more productive. Our creditor insurance penetration was a dismal 8% and now it’s at 40%!”