“Wye Management provides our dealerships with sales process training and sales skill development. In my 10 years leading the Pembcorp Auto Group and 18 years prior at Chrysler Corporation,  Chris Schulthies and Wye Management offer the very best training that I have ever worked with.”

Bernie Clement
Pembcorp Automotive Group
Winnipeg Manitoba

Bernie Clement

Rallye Motors Auto Group has an ongoing relationship with Wye Management and Hector Bosotti that has had a tremendously positive impact on our organization. The Zooom! sales process has brought a stability to all our 5 locations enabling a consistent sales experience for our clients. The added bonus has empowered our sales people and managers with a boost of confidence with the ability to act and react with the challenges of today’s customers. The sale process is stream-lined, time tension has been reduced, we are selling and delivering more cars the same day while reducing time related complaints and increasing customer satisfaction indexes. Our customers love this non-confrontational approach as much as our staff. I highly recommend getting on board.

Mike Raby
Director of sales
Rallye Motors Automotive Group
Moncton, New Brunswick

Mike Raby

“We had the pleasure of having our entire salesforce including managers go through Wye Management’s proposal closing training workshop and have experienced exceptional results ever since.

Without exception, the entire staff thanked us for the training. Of the many success stories, one of our salespeople who has been with us for 10 years has gone from an average of 8 deliveries a month to 17 deliveries a month and this month we will hit a sales record. Thanks again to the entire WYE management team – you certainly delivered more than you promised.”

Brian Paquette
Used Vehicle Manager
Downsview Chrysler
Toronto, Ontario

Brian Paquette

“Just thought I would let you know that in returning from your training session and applying the most important things I learned regarding the appraisal process, I have sold and delivered 7 vehicles. Once again thank you for all you help.”

Adrien Laperle
Sales and Leasing Consultant
True North Chevrolet Cadillac

Adrien Laperle

“Well it was nothing short of a miracle and of a lot of help from Wye Management but the month in used is going to be awesome.  What I mean by that is it’s going to make money this month for the first time this year and good money by the looks of it.  We are averaging $5000.00 a deal front and back-end – it’s truly shocking.  I was so used to low numbers and losing in that department that I would never have expected such a huge turn-around. We have implemented so many of your great ideas but have a long way to go.”

Adeen Bunning
General Sales Manager
Northstar Ford
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Adeen Bunning

“The most entertaining and informative seminar I have ever been attended.  Our instructor was excellent and made it interesting,… never a dull moment!”

Matt Stuart

Matt StuartVirden Recreation & Watersports - Virden, Manitoba

“An excellent seminar – great ideas shared by instructor and participants.  I would definitely attend again!”

Steve Kruceckl

Steve KrucecklBusiness Manager Meidl Honda - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Happy New Year! It’s been about a year since I completed Wye Management training and I wanted to let you know that it has created amazing opportunities for me in my role here. Last year, I made six figures in spite of my first quarter being really weak and I’ve had month after month of 70% warranty penetration. What’s more, I was invited to SAL’s Summit Conference that was only open to the top 20 performing Business Managers in Atlantic Canada and after only 18 months on the job. Thanks again for the lessons you’ve taught me.

Justin MacLennan BBA Hon.

Justin MacLennan BBA Hon.Sr. Business Manager Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC Ltd.