The TRAIN the TRAINER Program

Developing Trainers and Training Programs for Dealer Groups

Who Should Attend:

Dealer Group Sales Trainers and Coordinators, Sales Managers and
General Sales Managers

Program Duration:

6 Days

Program Fee:

$2,500 + HST /Diem (Facilitated In-Dealership)


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Download PDF:

The TRAIN the TRAINER Program is designed to develop newly appointed dealer group sales trainers and coordinator in the development of training programs and the art of facilitation. Ultimately, it also assists the participants in the development of curriculum for the creation of a dealer group’s own learning academy/university. It is delivered in- dealership to dealer group sales trainers and coordinators as well as sales managers and general sales managers.

PHASE I of the program assists the training and management team to clearly define and document its dealership/dealer group sales process (each step in detail). This is often much more challenging (and rewarding) than it sounds as the program also guides the management team to ensure that its sales process aligns with the dealership’s culture and core values. At the same time, our facilitators help ensure that the sales process is modern and reflects current customer preferences and attitudes. This is done over a two day session (in the dealership’s boardroom or local meeting space) with an early start (typically 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily) in order that participating managers can still oversee business in the latter part of the day.

PHASE II of the program (1 month later) assists the training and management team with instruction as to how to IMPLEMENT, MAINTAIN and IMPROVE the dealership’s sales process on a continuous basis. Customized dealership-branded training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, point-of-sale materials and quick reference materials are developed for the entire staff.

PHASE III of the program (1 month later) assists the training and management team with instruction as to how to conduct ongoing (and scheduled) salesperson one-on- one coaching and development sessions. A salesperson Coaching Development tool is provided. Managers are also instructed (and tested) as to how to develop and deliver impactful sales meetings.

In addition, the program provides participants with a complete set of updated Job Descriptions with Performance Standards (variable department) and Daily Activities Lists for both salespeople and sales managers as well as a FAST START Orientation Guide for on-boarding new salespeople (a 50 page booklet that provides a complete guide to a salesperson’s first 10 days in the dealership). Success Journals for salespeople are also provided.

PHASE IV (OPTIONAL) provides highly specialized Leadership Training for the management team. Leadership training involves both classroom and scheduled telephone/Facetime/Skype coaching on a scheduled basis. Leadership training creates manager accountability, ownership and an understanding as to how to lead people to their individual potential (as opposed to demands, threats and tyranny). Servant Leadership is the primary focus of the style and approach. “Managers often tell you or want to convey to you how important THEY are. Leaders want to tell you and convey to you how important YOU are.”

In addition to The TRAIN the TRAINER Program, dealerships/dealer groups will have Wye Management trainers implement Wye’s Zooom Purchase Experience throughout the dealer group and have their own dealer group trainers partner in the long term delivery of the training in the creation of the dealer group’s own learning academy/university.

Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive text-based playbook pdf’s
  • Quick Reference playbook pdf’s
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Hand-outs and laminate pdf’s
  • Job Descriptions – Fast Start
  • Salesperson Orientation Guide
  • Animated videos – featuring Carl
  • Framed Certificate of Completion

Program Master Trainer:
Chris Schulthies is one of the most experienced and sought after trainers in North America. In addition to having retail sales and management experience in metropolitan dealerships, Chris has facilitated manufacturer’s national training across Canada, the United States and Germany. He has also delivered national training for Lexus, Russia. In addition, he has developed and facilitated national sales and management training for GM Canada, GMAC U.S., Ford of Canada, Fiat-Chrysler Canada, Toyota-Lexus Canada, Nissan Canada, Mazda Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada, Volkswagen Canada, BMW Group Canada and Mercedes-Benz Canada.