“We have been using Chris Schulthies and WYE Management for 1.5 years at our three stores. (2 FCA, 1 Hyundai) ‘Using’ is probably not the appropriate word; it’s truly more like a partnership. Chris is the ‘reference’ standard on automotive selling processes and customer experiences. His well-documented research is cutting edge and is more than just theory, it’s practical and it works!  Our Net Promoter Scores and CSI, front and back-end efficiencies have significantly improved and we are just beginning!!! Chris is both informative and motivating. Outside of the official training days, Chris also coaches and guides our leadership team, including myself. Wye Management caters its material and formats to our needs. It is continuously being improved and adapted to provide the absolute best possible “fit” for our organization. In my 10 years at the retail automotive level and 14 years at the corporate level, I would say without reservation, that Wye Management’s training / consulting is absolutely the summit when it comes to automotive sales training.  Period.”

Eric Corso
Président & Directeur Général
Desmeules Automotive Group
Montreal, Quebec