Chris was just at our store training our Sales team at Harmony Honda. His ability and knowledge of the industry will help any Sales team achieve high standards and customer satisfaction. His openness and hands-on approach make learning very exciting and give you confidence that you really are learning strategies that will make you a better Sales Associate that customers will respect and want to do return business with. His broad knowledge of the business and some of the key people that he learned the business from putting him 5 steps ahead of any trainer that I have taken courses from in the automotive business. If you are looking for a trainer to help your team achieve higher standards in this ever-changing automotive business, this is your guy. I left training yesterday with renewed hope and passion to help customers find the vehicle of their dreams. Check Chris and his team out and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Wayne Marriott

Harmony Honda Team, Kelowna, B.C.

“Thank you for organizing this. It went fantastic! Hector Bosotti was great. I have a meeting today with the media and non-prime team and my GM to come up with a game plan. Very excited about expanding our market share in this area.”
Mike Bradner
GSM, Langley Chrysler, B.C.

“I was in your Finance Manager training course in Toronto this past September. I just wanted to reach out because my boss just let me know that my average gross was $1,600 per car and I was really not expecting such a great start! Couldn’t have done it without your help & sales tips. Thank you!”
Kyle Robinson, FSM
Kingston Hyundai, Ontario

“The money that we invested with the training facilitated by Hector was the SINGLE BEST INVESTMENT I have made in this dealership. I am still re-reading my notes and implementing. Everything Hector told us to do with respect to digital marketing absolutely WORKS and we are now conquesting significant business outside of our trading area with surgical marketing approaches.”
Richard Hamlin
General Manager
White Rock Dodge

“I enjoyed the program and learned a lot about how to become more involved with my manager and his decision-making process. Hector not only has a great sense of humour but also offered so many great ideas for marketing and branding oneself.”
Catherine Collins
Century Hyundai
Truro, Nova Scotia

“This has been a very fun experience. I had a problem believing that I was too pushy, but I have been shown strategies how I can behave more assertively without being pushy. Hector has been great and recommend that anyone in sales should attend this program.
Thanks Hector!”
Nicholas McDermott
Brett Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
Saint John, New Brunswick

“Great course. You provided so much information that I can apply in this career change. Keep up the great work.”
Shawn McNee
Brett Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC
Saint John, New Brunswick

“Hector was knowledgeable and driven to deliver an eye-opening and resourceful education experience during the program. Hector effortlessly brought enthusiasm and competence to the training course which has expanded my insight and sharpened my sales process to a higher level of understanding than ever before. Hector truly is a professional and mentor in his realm of experience. Thank you for everything.”
Brandon Bigelow
Forbes Kia
New Minas, Nova Scotia

“I enjoyed the program. There was a lot of information to digest but I feel that I will be able to take the information home with me and incorporate it into my strategies, daily activities and become more successful. Hector did a great job performing the information in a way that we could all understand. Thanks.”
Bill Jackson
Century Honda
Truro, Nova Scotia

“The course was very informative with a wide variety of content. The resources and links for the video software, excel spreadsheets, etc. will be very valuable. There were so many fresh ideas that came at a perfect time for me. I feel energized and ready to use them tomorrow!

I appreciated learning how to overcome customers’ objections and how to react to customers’ responses when closing a deal. Overall, Hector relayed the information very well and was engaging. Thank you.”
Laura Cox
Century Honda
Truro, Nova Scotia

“I enjoyed the flow and interactive forum in which Hector presented our group with best practices. The program sharpened my fundamentals and has given me confidence to take selling to the next level. Thank you.”
Joe MacPherson
Century Hyundai
Truro, Nova Scotia

“I used to sell just 3 or 4 policies per month. I sold 14 in June and 19 in July closing at 60%.”

“I started using a MENU and my average has gone up $400 per unit. What was I waiting for.”

“My numbers have more than doubled since the course and I still have many ideas to implement.”

“I implemented the tips and strategies that I learned from our workshop into my presentations and I’m now averaging just over $1,000 per copy. I can’t believe how much money I’ve been leaving on the table.”

“I’ve only done 13 TO’s this month but I’ve averaged $1029 per copy. I’m stoked!”

“I’ve done 20 TO’s so far and averaging $1400 per copy. I couldn’t have realized this without your help.”

“The best training I’ve been to in 15 years!”

“The program was outstanding. We are following your process to the letter and the new salespeople are keeping up with our veterans. This is more than we expected. Thank you.”

“I attended your course a few years back. Since then, we’ve gone on to become the #1 Ford dealer in Central Alberta.”

“We’re going to make money in the used car department for the first time this year. We’re averaging $5,000 front & back-end gross profit thanks to you.”

“Kyle has sold 5 out of his last 6 ups. He has a new confidence thanks to you.”

“Our dealerships were up 38% & 45% last year and you made the difference.”

“Our sales are up 42% and our Business Office gross profit is up 38% over last year since you started working with us in May. What an R.O.I.!”

“Our Business Office has never been more productive. Our creditor insurance penetration was a dismal 8% and now it’s at 40%!”

“Great informative program with in-depth role-playing. There were so may great tips to use with customers and the sales process seemed so logical. I learned what not to say to potential customers and what I should say. I loved learning the rebuttals to objections and how to become a more effective salesperson. I learned how to execute a dynamic vehicle presentation which will contribute to more sales.” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Alexandra Mona Alagona
Eastside Chevrolet GM
Markham, Ontario

“Thank you so much. I feel that I learned so much this week that I can bring back to the dealership and use on a day to day basis. From when to look at the trade-in to the EXPRESS VEHICLE PRESENTATION to closing and negotiating, I learned a lot. The facilitation of the materials made it to understand, learn and retain. Hector kept things very interesting so, I never felt bored. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to get started or improve their skills. I look forward to attending future Wye Management programs. Thank you for giving me the confidence to sell!” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Elise Sweeney
Petrie Ford
Kingston, Ontario

“This workshop was extremely informative, interesting and eye-opening. I loved the camaraderie and interaction with everyone – it certainly didn’t feel like a classroom at all. It was easy to absorb and retain information. Thank you for the great week and for all the valuable information.” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Tori Aubrey
Lakeside GM
Kincardine, Ontario

“It was great coming into this course and learning different methods of presenting products. This was a great group of people which made it easy to share ideas and learn from. Hector did a great job engaging the classroom getting us all to participate. I can’t wait to get back to the dealership and apply what I’ve learned.” (The Professional Business Manager Program)

Morgan Emonts
Grey Motors Mazda
Owen Sound, Ontario

“This was a very informative course that made me believe in the process. I appreciated the details, role playing and overcoming objections such as, “I want to think about it. I loved the concept of helping customers to buy.” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Tiffany Herron
Upper James Toyota
Hamilton, Ontario

“Lots of helpful tips for selling and learning the protection products and plans we offer. The word tracks that were shared were outstanding as were the over 120 rebuttals on how to overcome objections. WOW! I also appreciated all of the varied sales processes that can be used with customers on a turn-over. Having acquired the knowledge, skills and strategies that were facilitated. I am definitely leaving with so much confidence I would recommend this program to any Business Manager.” (The Professional Business Manager Program)

Connor Oakes
Town and Country Chrysler
Smith Falls, Ontario

“I really liked the layout of the recommended sales process. He gave so many different examples of how to handle objections and most importantly, how to categorize them. The materials created a guide to follow to get customers engaged and excited about buying a vehicle from our dealership. There was also tons of tips and strategies on closing. Thank you, Hector, for showing me how to help people buy from me simply by telling them the truth.” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Ed Jabo
Summit Ford
Rexdale, Ontario

“This course is one of the best I have ever attended. Hector is very professional, knowledgeable and makes learning very easy. And enjoyable. The week just flew by. Thank you.” (The Professional Business Manager Program)

Liz Valdivia
Old Mill Cadillac
Toronto, Ontario

“The program was very informative and greatly beneficial for me. Thank you for the USB drive you gave us with all the terrific templates, presentations that I’ll be able to use. The class was never boring, and the week went by very quickly. The instructor was very patient and helpful. I learned so many rebuttals that I can use to overcome objections along with great selling techniques and strategies.” (The Professional Business Manager Program)

Tina Doan
Downtown Nissan
Toronto, Ontario

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 5-day sales program. I would highly recommend this course to anyone new to sales or even someone with experience looking to develop or improve on their sales results. Hector was very engaging and made it easy to stay focused throughout the 5-day program.” (Entry Level Sales Program)

Dylan Edminson
Pfaff BMW
Mississauga, Ontario

“This is the 2nd course that I’ve been on with Hector Bosotti and each one has been excellent. He has provided me with excellent service tailored to my needs as a credit manager here at Wright Auto Sales. The ‘one-on-one’ training I that I’ve started with him has allowed me to increase my average gross profit per unit from $1,200 to almost $2,000 and my warranty penetration has soared from 38% to over 75% in just 3 weeks! I would definitely recommend investing in his training.”

Craig Lock
Credit Manager
Wright Auto Sales

“Great! Really enjoyed the 2-day Advanced Business Manager Program. I left with enthusiasm and eager to implement the dozens of the tips, tools and ideas that were shared. Bravo!” (Advanced Business Manager Program)

Stephanie Sooriyadas
Don Valley North Lexus
Markham, Ontario

“I must say that your training has made me the successful Financial Services Manager I am today. You have been a great mentor to me.”

Steve Webster
Financial Services Manager
Fredericton Hyundai
Fredericton, New Brunswick

“Since training, I have implemented customized (Lease/Cash/Finance) menu selling and also use word tracks / market statistics which we practiced. This brought my average from $700 to $1800. It’s awesome. Thanks.”

Dara Khan
Sr. Finance Manager
North York Chrysler, Ontario

“Hector has raised our game at Wheels and Deals by 500%. All of our team are singing his praises and are more positive and confident to learn and sell … what a change in 60 days.

Thank you, Hector, for improving all of us at Canada’s Huggable Car & Power Sports Dealer.

Hugs, Jim”

Jim Gilbert, CEO
Wheels and Deals – Canada’s Huggable Car and Power Sports Dealer
Fredericton, New Brunswick

“Thanks again for everything today!

Sold two cars when I got back using your technique!”

Alexandrine Brisson
Sales Consultant
Lexus on the Park

“Fun, interactive and informative. Would recommend to anyone looking to do better.”

Aaron Noel
Financial Services Manager
Don Valley North Lexus
Toronto, Ontario

“I’ve been a Business Manager only a few months now and quite honestly, I felt lost even though I had support from all my managers and co-workers. This program has helped me to put some ‘meat’ into my presentation and I created a proper scripted presentation for myself. I have learned so much that I didn’t know and have gained some confidence to be able to present my protection plans and products. I have especially learned so much more about Life and Disability Insurance protection plans and new and varied techniques and strategies to present and close a presentation. Thank you.”

Janna Larkin
Financial Services Manager
Barrie Subaru
Barrie, Ontario

“Good evening Hector! Just to let you know that you delivered another excellent presentation. You need to be back here more for an extended time. To me it’s a no brainer especially for new salesman. As you know memory retention is 7% after 7 days. Lots of respect and I’ve only said this to 1 other trainer in my career You Have My Respect. Thank You.”

Hamilton Brown
Product Advisor
Taylor Lexus Toyota Scion
Regina, Saskatchewan

“Very informative week. Lots was covered that I was not trained on at my dealership. I appreciated all the help in getting my menus ready for use and coaching me on the different selling styles.”

Kelly Tredway-Veinott
Financial Services Manager
Hopper Buick GMC
North Bay, Ontario

“The program was really rewarding and well organized. There was such a systematic progression of knowledge in all areas of Financial Services. Hector shared so many tools, ideas and strategies that will allow me to execute an effective turn-over. Thanks to Wye Management for enhancing my F&I product knowledge.”

Jalil Ur Rehman
Financial Services Manager
Midtown Honda

“Thanks for all the information and tips that you shared with us. I am certain that I will be using them and be more successful as a result. The course was really fun and would recommend all Business Managers to register. Thank you!”

Joseé Valleé
Financial Services Manager
Eastview Chevrolet
Kapuskasing, Ontario

“Great role-playing and what a content-learning environment! I would highly recommend this program to any Business Manager of any experience level. I’m looking forward to implementing the new tools and strategies that I learned.”

Ryan MacLean
Glassford Chrysler
Ingersoll, Ontario

“I loved the program! I learned so much and know I am returning much better prepared to run the Business Office. Thanks for a great week!”

Ashley Biggar
Demeyere Chrysler
Simcoe, Ontario

“It was a very open and comfortable learning experience. I’ve learned great tools to negotiate and learned how to deliver a great vehicle presentation. This course has built up my confidence.”

Andrew Thomas
Lexus on the Park
North York, Ontario

“What a worthwhile and valuable week of training and insight into human nature. I learned some terrific selling tactics and a great system to follow. Thank you, Hector, for sharing your knowledge and experience – I know that it will all be of great use!”

Kevin Weaver
Lange & Fetter Ford
Trenton, Ontario

I want to say thank you for a powerful 2 days of in-dealership sales and management training. My team is feeling really optimistic about the present and the future. They are very eager to implement and stick to the game plan developed. Your timing was perfect! For me, it’s great to have such a positive support cast behind me. It gives me confidence to do what I do best.

Scott Brown, General Manager
Mainland Ford
Surrey, B.C.

“Just a quick email to thank you. This formation has been one of the most interesting and entertaining workshops that I’ve participated in a long time and 100% of the credit goes to all Wye Management team of trainers! I had fun, learned a lot and I really enjoyed been part of that group. I’ll put a lot of what I learned in practice and I’m confident that the results will be amazing. I’ll push Wye Management strategies – you have done an amazing job and this formation felt like 30 minutes to me! Once again thank you.”

Julien Fournier
Sales Consultant
BMW Sainte Julie
Sainte Julie, Quebec

“I would like to personally thank the Wye Management team of trainers for the excellent training you provided our dealers over these past couple of months. I can say from personal experience that it was a great learning experience from our dealers’ perspectives. From the conversations within the groups, I could see that what was being delivered was not presently implemented within their stores. From the feedback that was received, I know you have made a difference for those who attended the workshops. Seeing all the trainers in action brought a greater respect for what knowledge and action you impart on our dealers and network. My past training experiences were to teach and hope it sticks attitude…your training goes above and beyond. I was so impressed at what our dealers were willing to bring back to their stores to implement. No words can express my respect and gratitude for what you do.  A big thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for us and our dealers.”

Jeannie Oates
National Manager
Certified Pre-Owned
Mazda Canada

“We have been using Chris Schulthies and WYE Management for 1.5 years at our three stores. (2 FCA, 1 Hyundai) ‘Using’ is probably not the appropriate word; it’s truly more like a partnership. Chris is the ‘reference’ standard on automotive selling processes and customer experiences. His well-documented research is cutting edge and is more than just theory, it’s practical and it works!  Our Net Promoter Scores and CSI, front and back-end efficiencies have significantly improved and we are just beginning!!! Chris is both informative and motivating. Outside of the official training days, Chris also coaches and guides our leadership team, including myself. Wye Management caters its material and formats to our needs. It is continuously being improved and adapted to provide the absolute best possible “fit” for our organization. In my 10 years at the retail automotive level and 14 years at the corporate level, I would say without reservation, that Wye Management’s training / consulting is absolutely the summit when it comes to automotive sales training.  Period.”

Eric Corso
Président & Directeur Général
Desmeules Automotive Group
Montreal, Quebec

“Wye Management provides our dealerships with sales process training and sales skill development. In my 10 years leading the Pembcorp Auto Group and 18 years prior at Chrysler Corporation,  Chris Schulthies and Wye Management offer the very best training that I have ever worked with.”

Bernie Clement
Pembcorp Automotive Group
Winnipeg Manitoba

Rallye Motors Auto Group has an ongoing relationship with Wye Management and Hector Bosotti that has had a tremendously positive impact on our organization. The Zooom! sales process has brought a stability to all our 5 locations enabling a consistent sales experience for our clients. The added bonus has empowered our sales people and managers with a boost of confidence with the ability to act and react with the challenges of today’s customers. The sale process is stream-lined, time tension has been reduced, we are selling and delivering more cars the same day while reducing time related complaints and increasing customer satisfaction indexes. Our customers love this non-confrontational approach as much as our staff. I highly recommend getting on board.

Mike Raby
Director of sales
Rallye Motors Automotive Group
Moncton, New Brunswick

“We had the pleasure of having our entire salesforce including managers go through Wye Management’s proposal closing training workshop and have experienced exceptional results ever since.

Without exception, the entire staff thanked us for the training. Of the many success stories, one of our salespeople who has been with us for 10 years has gone from an average of 8 deliveries a month to 17 deliveries a month and this month we will hit a sales record. Thanks again to the entire WYE management team – you certainly delivered more than you promised.”

Brian Paquette
Used Vehicle Manager
Downsview Chrysler
Toronto, Ontario

“Just thought I would let you know that in returning from your training session and applying the most important things I learned regarding the appraisal process, I have sold and delivered 7 vehicles. Once again thank you for all you help.”

Adrien Laperle
Sales and Leasing Consultant
True North Chevrolet Cadillac

“Well it was nothing short of a miracle and of a lot of help from Wye Management but the month in used is going to be awesome.  What I mean by that is it’s going to make money this month for the first time this year and good money by the looks of it.  We are averaging $5000.00 a deal front and back-end – it’s truly shocking.  I was so used to low numbers and losing in that department that I would never have expected such a huge turn-around. We have implemented so many of your great ideas but have a long way to go.”

Adeen Bunning
General Sales Manager
Northstar Ford
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Virden Recreation & Watersports - Virden, Manitoba

“The most entertaining and informative seminar I have ever been attended.  Our instructor was excellent and made it interesting,… never a dull moment!”

Matt Stuart

Business Manager Meidl Honda - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“An excellent seminar – great ideas shared by instructor and participants.  I would definitely attend again!”

Steve Kruceckl

Sr. Business Manager Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC Ltd.

Happy New Year! It’s been about a year since I completed Wye Management training and I wanted to let you know that it has created amazing opportunities for me in my role here. Last year, I made six figures in spite of my first quarter being really weak and I’ve had month after month of 70% warranty penetration. What’s more, I was invited to SAL’s Summit Conference that was only open to the top 20 performing Business Managers in Atlantic Canada and after only 18 months on the job. Thanks again for the lessons you’ve taught me.

Justin MacLennan BBA Hon.