Keynote Speaking

Choose from dozens of topics that are customized for your event.

TOPIC examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Best Business Practices and Just the Real Super Cool Stuff that Highly Profitable Dealerships Do Everyday!
  • Customers Don’t Want to Spend 3 or 4 Hours at Your Dealership!Sorry, But It Really Is Time to Update Your Dealership’s Sales Process
  • What Customers REALLY Want With Respect to Your Sales Process (Really, Really)
  • The Critical Role of “Front-Line” Sales Management in Today’s Dealership:Are they Sales Managers or Sales Administrators? Are they Wedged Behind a Computer Now?
  • Successful Dealerships Don’t Compete – They Change the Game and they Change the Rules
  • 7 Ways to Ensure that Your Used Vehicle Department Bleeds and Loses Money
  • Why You Should Embrace Your Manufacturer’s Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program
  • How to Create Your Own Used Vehicle Marketing Brand and DOMINATE!
  • How to EXPLODE F&I Profits and Have Customer Still Love You!
  • How to MENU Sell in your Dealership
  • The Future of the F&I Department Yes We Can See the Future!
  • How to Tap Into the Non-Prime Market It’s Nearly 30% of Your Market!
  • How to Recruit, Hire, Develop and KEEP a “First Class, Next Generation”, Social Media Savvy Sales Team
  • If You’re Not Lovin’ Your Customers, Someone Else Is!
    Portfolio Management Processes and Strategies for Managing Trade Cycles

Whether for 30 minutes, an hour or longer, Wye Management provides Keynote speaking for:

  • National Dealer Conventions
  • OEM Dealer Conventions
  • National Supplier Conventions
  • Dealer Association Conventions
  • Regional Dealer Meetings
  • National and Regional Sales Rallies
  • 20 Groups
  • OEM Management Meetings

Our Speakers are constantly traveling the U.S. and Canada delivering seminar training, training for OEM’s, in-dealership training, installing dealership sales processes and consulting for dealers, dealer groups, OEM’s and retail suppliers. 

This constant exposure to all facets of the industry combined with vast experience brings credibility and knowledge to the podium and Speakers that are in a position to deliver the industry’s “Best Business Practices”, strategies, processes, latest trends and perspective. All of this information is packaged with passion, enthusiasm and humor.