“I would like to personally thank the Wye Management team of trainers for the excellent training you provided our dealers over these past couple of months. I can say from personal experience that it was a great learning experience from our dealers’ perspectives. From the conversations within the groups, I could see that what was being delivered was not presently implemented within their stores. From the feedback that was received, I know you have made a difference for those who attended the workshops. Seeing all the trainers in action brought a greater respect for what knowledge and action you impart on our dealers and network. My past training experiences were to teach and hope it sticks attitude…your training goes above and beyond. I was so impressed at what our dealers were willing to bring back to their stores to implement. No words can express my respect and gratitude for what you do.  A big thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for us and our dealers.”

Jeannie Oates
National Manager
Certified Pre-Owned
Mazda Canada