Financial Services Manager Training

Financial Services Manager TrainingWye Management brought Financial Services Manager Training innovation to Canadian dealerships when it introduced MENU Selling in 1991. Since then, Wye Management has continued to assist dealerships to evolve and think forward with the 5-Day Zooom Business Manager Program – the perfect marriage of Business Manager financial performance and customer pleasure. The Zooom Business Manager Program does not focus on a trendy F&I sales processes. Instead it focuses on the presentation of each individual Financial Services product.

Zooom Business Manager Program

Customers generally do not want to buy Automotive F&I products unless they feel that there is a need and a benefit. The Zooom Business Manager Program introduces various sales processes, however it does so only to encourage Business Managers to choose one that fits their personality, style and dealership demographic. In other words, with the focus of the program being "product presentations" and not "sales process", it allows Business Managers to insert their product presentations into any prevalent sales process. The program is a pure product presentation and closing program – less on trendy sales processes and theory – more on practical skills-building and preparation for highly researched and challenging consumers.

Advanced Business Manager Program

The Advanced Business Manager Program is an invigorating two days that focuses on automotive F&I strategies, concepts, presentation ideas, objection-handling, visual tools and technology that assists motivated F&I / Business Managers / Financial Services Managers to rise to the next level of success in their professional careers. THERE IS NO EMBARRASING ROLE PLAYING and NO PREACHING AS TO THE RIGHT PROCESS; Step Selling, Menu Selling, Sandwich Selling, Staggered Selling Load, Lock & Fire – you choose the process that best suits your personality and your dealership’s customers.

In-Dealership Business Manager Tune-Up

The In-Dealership Business Manager Tune-Up is a terrific option where a Wye Management automotive F&I trainer will visit your dealership and address individual needs and discover opportunities. The dealership need not sell one extra vehicle to generate more bottom-line gross profits if the Business Managers can improve performance. This customized solution has delivered spectacular results diving right in with practical strategies for Business Managers to implement immediately on their next turn-over.

What else makes Wye Management different from the others?

All Automotive F&I / Business Manager / Financial Services Manager training is facilitated by Master Trainers who were successful Business Managers in dealerships; they walked the walk. They have facilitated sales, F&I and sales management training for dealerships and OEM's coast to coast in Canada, the U.S. and Germany. They have developed and facilitated national training programs on behalf of General Mo-tors of Canada, GMAC U.S., Ford of Canada, Toyota/Lexus Canada, Lexus Russia, Nissan Canada, Mazda Canada, Volkswagen Canada, BMW Group Canada, Mercedes-Benz Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada, Scotia Dealer Finance, TD Auto Finance, Dealertrack and many more.

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Financial Services Manager Training