In-dealership and Dealer Group training increases sales and gross profits, fosters an upbeat “team environment” amongst the sales team and management and greatly improves salesperson retention and productivity. In-dealership training is also convenient, efficient, effective and affordable.

Wye Management offers In-Dealership and Dealer Group training facilitated by our professional trainers. Choose from our comprehensive menu of 17 programs/workshops encompassing:

  • Salesperson Training
  • Dealership Sales Process Training
  • Social Media, E-mail and Telephone Training
  • Business Manager (F&I) Training
  • Non-Prime (Special Finance) Manager Training
  • Used Vehicle Manager Training
  • Sales Manager Training
  • Renewal/Portfolio Manager Training

Workshops can be customized for the individual needs and goals of the dealership. Click Training and then click Training Programs and Workshops for program and workshop offerings.

For in-dealership training and customized programs, our standard Day Rate is $3,100 CAD per full day of training.

For a sample outline of our comprehensive sales training program, click here.

Longer term in-dealership training is also available along with monthly 1 and 2 day training visits for continuous re-enforcement and re-training of your dealership’s sales process. In addition to our menu of 1, 2, 3 and 5 day programs, the following ½ day workshops are also available:

  • How to Effectively Deal with the Issue of Price Early on in the Sales Process
  • How to Facilitate and Execute EFFECTIVE DEMONSTRATION DRIVE
  • How to PRESENT A VEHICLE Via a Six Point Walk-Around Vehicle Presentation
  • 6 QUESTIONS We Should Always Ask During the Qualifying/Interview Step and 6 Questions We Should Never Ask (and concepts and PROTiPS for thorough qualifying and relationship building)
  • How to Prospect New Business Utilizing Social Media
  • How to Handle Incoming E-Mail Inquiries
  • How to Handle Incoming Sales Calls
  • How to Overcome Difficult Customer Objections and Close the Sale
  • Non-Confrontational NEGOTIATION Concepts, Strategies Skills and PROTiPS that Create WIN-WIN Results
  • TRIAL CLOSES, TRANSITION CLOSES and COMMITMENT CLOSES (and Giving Salespeople the Confidence to Ask) 
  • How to Present a Payment-Based Proposal
  • How to Present (and Defend) the Trade-In Value Without Confrontation

Dealer Group Training

Let us help you create your very own Automotive University.

Wye Management can assist your Dealer Group to:

  1. Design
  2. Plan
  3. Develop
  4. Facilitate

an organized training plan for on-going, in-dealership sales, F&I, used vehicle and sales management training.  Our training professionals can also assist your dealer group to implement a dealership sales process that is consistent through every dealership. Let the Wye professionals work with your management team to develop your dealer group’s very own “Automotive University”.