Following post-secondary studies at Ryerson University, Chris Schulthies became an automotive salesperson at Grant Brown Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC in Toronto. Chris went on to positions in finance and senior management in metropolitan domestic and import dealerships.

The next facet of Chris’ career had him join Wye Management as a trainer, consultant, and owner. Since joining Wye, Chris has delivered over 3,500 seminars, training programs, keynote speaking engagements and consulted in the United States, Canada, and Germany as well as Lexus, Russia – to literally 1,000’s of Salespeople, Business Managers, Sales Managers, Used Vehicle Managers, General Managers, Dealer Principals and OEM Managers.

Chris has developed and delivered training for 11 automotive manufacturers (General Motors NAO,

Ford of Canada, Fiat-Chrysler Canada, Toyota/Lexus Canada, Lexus Russia, Nissan/Infiniti Canada, Mazda Canada, Volkswagen Canada, Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada, BMW Group Canada and Mercedes-Benz Canada) and numerous automotive suppliers (Scotia Dealer Finance, TD Dealer Finance, Royal Bank, Industrial Alliance Pacific, M.D.A. Services, Universal Warranty, Coverage One Warranty, Canadian Black Book, DealerTrack, Wakefield-Castrol, The Sun Media Corporation, CANOE, Autonet.Ca, and numerous dealer associations).

Training Career Highlights:

  • Developed and facilitated “train the trainer” programs for GMAC U.S. and Canada

  • Develops and facilitates General Motors Sales and Pre-Owned Vehicle Management training Nationwide

  • Develops and facilitates Ford of Canada Certified Pre-Owned training nationwide

  • Develops Special Finance training for Fiat-Chrysler Canada nationwide

  • Developed and facilitated Sales Manager training for Toyota Canada nationwide

  • Developed Toyota Canada’s new “Express” Toyota Purchase Experience

  • Developed and facilitated Sales Manager training for Lexus, Russia

  • Develops and facilitates Certified Series Sales, F&I and Pre-Owned Vehicle Management training for BMW Group Canada

  • Developed and facilitated BMW Group Sales Management training in Munich, Germany

  • Launched the Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned program in Canada

  • Launched the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned program in Canada

  • Developed and produced 20 hours of video sales process training for Hyundai Auto Canada

  • Developed and facilitated Mercedes-Benz F&I training

  • Delivered a nationwide keynote speaking series with Dragon’s Den alumni Bruce Croxon and former Toronto Maple Leaf captain, Darryl Sittler on behalf of TD Auto Finance  – Cell: (416) 908-6346



Born in Sydney, Australia, Hector Bosotti immigrated to Toronto, Canada. He studied commerce and economics at the University of Toronto. Following his post-secondary studies, he returned to Sydney to visit family where he elected to stay on and took a position as a sales consultant for a Nissan dealership. His 4 years during school working part-time as a door-to-door salesman in the home retrofitting industry paid off with huge dividends. Leveraging this “hard knocks” sales experience, he delivered 156 vehicles in his first year of automotive sales and knew that the automotive industry was his true vocation. After several years in the “land down under”, he decided to return home with a firm grip on what his career was to be.

Hector has spent the majority of his (over 3 decades) in the retail automotive industry working for dealerships in large metropolitan centres. Hector has achieved success as a proven Salesperson, Business Manager, Sales Manager and General Manager.

As a trainer, consultant and speaker, Hector has delivered training and speaking engagements to literally thousands of Salespeople, Business Managers, Sales Managers, Dealer Principals, OEM Managers and suppliers from all over North America. Hector is dynamic, charismatic and proven. He engages his audiences and propels them to life-long results and success.

Training Career Highlights:

  • Develops and facilitates General Motors Sales and Certified Pre-Owned Management training Nationwide
  • Developed a Video Success Series for General Motors of Canada
  • Developed and facilitated “train the trainer” programs for GMAC U.S. and Canada
  • Develops Non-Prime training for Fiat-Chrysler Canada
  • Developed and facilitated Non-Prime training nationwide for TD Auto Finance
  • Developed a Video Success Series for TD Auto Finance
  • Co-developed Toyota Canada’s new “Express” Toyota Purchase Experience
  • Developed and facilitated Sales Manager training for Lexus, Russia
  • Developed and facilitated BMW Group Sales Management training in Munich, Germany
  • Developed and facilitated Mercedes-Benz F&I training
  • Developed the Salesperson Fast Start Program for the Used Car Dealers Association
  • Co-developed Wye Management’s Zooom! Sales Process
  • Launched (a resource website for Business Managers) Cell: (647) 292-4503

T. Douglas SPEIRS


Following post-secondary studies at the University of Guelph, “Doug” Speirs began his corporate career at General Motors of Canada. At General Motors, Doug held District Sales Manager positions from coast to coast and later became the Assistant Zone Manager – Ontario. He went on to senior management positions in both marketing and distribution.

Following his success at General Motors, Doug completed his MBA at the University of Toronto. He went on to create the Training Division of the General Motors Dealers Association where he also served as its director and lead instructor.

With an intense passion for training, Doug formed his own training and consulting company, opening the doors of Wye Management in 1991 (Wye Management was named after the Wye Heritage Marina in Midland, Ontario where Doug kept his sailboat).

While still at the helm of Wye Management, Doug became Dealer Principal of two Chrysler dealerships in Ontario, Canada. As a Dealer, he applied theory and concepts to “real world” applications with both vision and success.

Today, Doug remains a sought-after consultant and speaker.



As a Certified (bilingual) Facilitator, Eric acquired vast experience while working with Toyota Canada Inc. for 15 years.

He became an Independent Trainer/Consultant in 2005 and has been certified with the Langevin Adult Learning Facilitation Certification and continues a partnership with Toyota/Lexus. Since then, Eric has continued to build and acquire experience through numerous projects within the automotive industry working with large dealer groups and OEM’s as well as business consulting outside of the automotive industry.

Eric designs tailored-made process improvement solutions reflecting the needs of each unique client. Working in every aspect of business from the Service and Parts Departments, the New and Pre-Owned Sales Departments and with management to provide a complete solution.

Training Career Highlights:

  • Facilitated the Porsche EXCITE! initiative in Canada and the U.S.
  • Facilitated the Porsche Brand Ambassador Certification Program
  • Facilitated the Porsche Communication for Technicians Program
  • Facilitated the Porsche General Manager Assessment Program
  • Developed and facilitates The Spinelli Group Purchase Experience
  • Facilitated the Toyota Purchase Experience (Sales Process)
  • Produced and is featured in Toyota Quick Tip Videos
  • Developed and facilitates the Kaizen Process Practical Problem Solving
  • Facilitates The Toyota Way Program
  • Facilitates Toyota Manager Coaching Sessions
  • Facilitates Toyota Sales and Service Seminars
  • Facilitates Toyota and Lexus Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Facilitates The Lexus Experience
  • Facilitates The Lexus Purchase Experience
  • Facilitates The Lexus Service Experience
  • Facilitates Lexus New Associate Orientation Workshop
  • Facilitates Lexus Create Amazing
  • Facilitated The Scion Process and Launch
  • Facilitated Access Toyota Initiative
  • Facilitated The Nissan Difference
  • Facilitated Subaru’s 6 Star Advantage Program
  • Facilitated The Volkswagen Promises Program
  • Facilitated the Hyundai Performance Essentials Program



Following post secondary studies at Collège Militaire Royal in St-Jean sur Richelieu, Robert Levesque became an automotive Sales Consultant at Lachine Ford near Montreal. Robert went on to the positions of Financial Services Manager, Used Vehicle Manager, New Vehicle Manager, General Sales Manager for both large domes c and import dealerships in Canada.

Robert’s passion has always been teaching and coaching, so in 1997 he went back to school and completed a Facilitator and Coaching Certification from Calian Group. Robert began his training career as a trainer for Retail Performance Group a division of Mosaic and was instrumental in converting Bell Canada corporate stores into retail outlets. He has since worked across Canada and the United States delivering thousands of training sessions, seminars and speaking engagements. Robert has also delivered customized training and speaking engagements for General Motors, General Motors Acceptance Corpora on, Ford of Canada, Ford Credit Canada, Fiat-Chrysler Canada, Toyota/Lexus Canada, Mazda Canada, Hyundai Auto Can- ada, Kia Canada, TD Dealer Finance, Purolator, CIBC, Bell Canada and retail automotive dealerships coast to coast.

Training Career Highlights:

  • Developed and facilitated retail sales and management training for Bell World stores
  • Developed and facilitated Ford of Canada E-business training nationwide
  • Facilitates Ford of Canada Certified Pre-Owned training nationwide
  • Facilitated Non Prime/Sub-Prime Finance training for Fiat-Chrysler Canada nationwide
  • Developed and facilitated Small Fleet Training for Ford Canada nationwide
  • Facilitated Toyota Canada’s Digital Customer training program
  • Develops and facilitates Financial Services Manager MOPAR product training for FCA Canada
  • Facilitated Product Knowledge Ride and Drive sessions for Ford of Canada nationwide
  • Develops and facilitates Hyundai Finance Canada lease training for Hyundai and Kia dealers nationwide
  • Facilitates the Mazda Certified Pre-Owned program in Canada
  • Facilitated Customer Loyalty Management for Ford of Canada nationwide
  • Lease Program Launch Fiat Chrysler Canada fall 2015
  • Facilitates Honda Financial Services Canada Lease Training Program
  • Facilitates Mazda Canada Por olio Management Program
  • Facilitates Wye Managements’s Zooom Purchase Experience

Matthew GOULD

Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Coach and Author

Following post secondary studies at the University of British Columbia and the Rotman’s School of Business, Matthew pursued a successful career in the telecommunications industry. His experience gained during his 22 years in telecommunications includes dealer management, sales, business to consumer sales, business to business sales, and corporate and enterprise sales. He has experience in large corporations TELUS and Sony as well as experience as a General Manager for Mobilicity leading Western Canada operations from start-up to a sale. Mobilicity was successfully sold to Rogers for over $430 million.

Having experienced the power of great leaders, Matthew’s passion grew into Leadership, Leadership Development, and a method for improving operational metrics and customer experiences through people.

In 2009, Matthew became professionally certified as an Executive Coach and later founded More Co Ltd. to assist companies who needed external collaboration to grow the power of their people. More Co Ltd. has worked in Canada and the United States and has consulted, collaborated, and coached with leaders around the world. Matthew is also co-founder (with Tanya Schecter) of the HTI Institute specializing in relationship-based leadership.

Matthew Gould has a significant impact with companies who see the benefit of collaborating with their leaders to shape and influence their leadership style, impact, and effectiveness.

We use a combination of Coaching, Collaboration, and Customized Consulting to shape exactly what companies are looking for to leverage the power of their culture and to mobilize the employees in the company to maximize their impact and performance through inspirational leadership.

Matthew has worked with TELUS, Government of Alberta, Blackline GPS, The Trotman Auto Group, Pembcorp, The Westlund Group of Companies, and individual leaders around the world. OEM’s include Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Fiat, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

Matthew and Tanya Schecter are also the authors of LEAD FROM YOUR HEART. Upon release in the spring of 2020, it became one of Amazon’s TOP 5 sellers in the genre
of leadership and inspiration.


With more than 20 years experience in the cybersecurity industry, Danny Pehar has become one of its foremost experts.

As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Danny is also a monthly cybersecurity content contributor to the renowned business magazine. His media portfolio also includes regular television appearances that have built him an engaged broadcast audience and social media following.

As the architect of the Cybercrime Equation, Danny works closely with the Toronto Police Cyber task force as well as the FBI cyber task force. He also sits on the board of directors of InfoSecTO.

As a bestselling author and professional keynote speaker, Danny uses his own Executive Security Storytelling formula to successfully educate organizations on the ever-relevant world of cybersecurity. He has spoken to audiences and industries throughout North America and Europe.

Whether providing cybersecurity awareness training to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, new employees or even elementary school students, Danny draws on his experience as a comedian and motivational speaker. Combining this background with his extensive cybersecurity knowledge and obsession, Danny promises to entertain, empower and educate for a truly awesome experience!


  • Forbes Magazine – The Psychology of Changing Human Behaviour
  • Forbes Magazine – Introducing the Cyber Crime Equation
  • Forbes Magazine – Winning the War on Cybersecurity
  • Forbes Magazine – The Importance of Cyber Insurance
  • Forbes Magazine – Cybersecurity Defense Begins With Awareness


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  • ‘The Morning Show’ – Internet of Things
  • ‘The Morning Show’ – Holiday Online Shopping
  • ‘The Morning Show’ – Why millennials are falling victim to online scams
  • ‘The Morning Show’ – Simplii Financial Hack


  • Forbes Magazine Podcast – The Number 1 Cyber Risk Organizations Face
  • Enterprise Podcast Network – Cybersecurity and small to medium business
  • Enterprise Podcast Network – Cyber Insurance Education
  • Enterprise Podcast Network – Cybersecurity Awareness

DANNY IN THE MEDIA RE: Bestselling book

  • CP24Breakfast
  • Breakfast Television
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  • Bestselling Author
  • Stand-up Comedian
  • Motivational