is a vibrant, forward-thinking, turnkey sales process for both single-point dealerships and dealer groups.

let’s your customers relax, enjoy and have FUN while buying a new vehicle! Your customer buys the vehicle “their way”.

provides key information that your customers are looking for EARLY in the sales process (even if they’re not ready to buy!).

sells cars the way your researched, tech savvy customers want to buy them.

streamlines the traditional 10 or 12 step dealership sales process down to 5 simple components.

integrates key aspects of the Financial Services experience.

allows your customers to move through the car buying experience quickly and efficiently (customers don’t want to be at a dealership for 3 or 4 hours!).

If a customer is still compiling research or just wants to take things a little more slowly than Zooom! allows your customer to slow down, relax, breathe easy and enjoy the buying experience at their own pace.

increases closing ratios and produces higher gross profits. Proven.

The Zooom! Purchase Experience was launched in 2013. Dealer groups from coast to coast have adopted the Zooom! philosophy and process with outstanding results. Zooom is also the foundation of the Express Toyota Purchase Experience.

How is implemented?

  • A Zooom! trainer comes right to your dealership (or dealer group) and trains your entire sales and leadership team on a monthly basis over a 12 month period.
  • The dealership visits are two days each in order that the sales and leadership team can be divided into two groups with each group attending one full day. This maintains showroom floor coverage and a seamless flow of business.
  • Training sessions are facilitated in the dealership’s meeting room or at a local hotel venue. In the later phases on implementation the Zooom! trainer will also work side-by-side with the Sales Manager(s) on the showroom floor.
  • The 1st DEALERSHIP VISIT comprises an intense two day training session with the Sales Leadership team only. This session introduces and provides details of both the Zooom! philosophy and the Zooom! Purchase Experience (sales process).
  • The 2nd DEALERSHIP VISIT is also a two day training session for the Sales Leadership team, including the Business Managers. This session focuses on the role of the Sales Leaders and Business Managers within Zooom! as well as concepts and strategies for DESKING deals and improving the dealership’s closing ratio and gross profit/vehicle.
  • The 3rd DEALERSHIP VISIT splits the entire sales and leadership team into two groups with each attending a (full) one day training session. This session introduces the Zooom! philosophy and the Zooom! Purchase Experience (sales process) to the entire sales team.
  • The remaining 9 DEALERSHIP VISITS also split the sales and leadership team into two groups with each attending (full) one day training sessions. Each session focuses on one component of the Zooom! Purchase Experience with the following thought and implementation process:
  • WHAT is the component/step?
  • WHY do we do this?
  • HOW do we do this?
  • Role-Playing
  • Potential Challenges
  • Team Commitments


  • Zooom! Playbook:
    This is a comprehensive 200+ page manual provided to each member of the sales and leadership team.
  • 65 Closes:
    This is a 42 page publication full of trial closes, transition closes, commitment closes and objection rebuttals.
  • E-Lead Reply Concepts:
    This is a collection of e-lead replies for common and difficult e-mail inquiries.
  • Zooom! Point-Of-Sale Materials:
    Showroom pull-up screen/banner
    Salesperson desk laminates
    Finance/Lease Pre-Approval brochures
    Welcome sheets and proposal sheets
  • Zooom! Animated Videos:
    This is a series of 3 -5 minute animated videos that are designed for customer viewing. They can also be placed on the dealership’s (dealer group’s) website(s) and social media platforms. Current titles include:
    An Introduction to the Zooom! Purchase Experience
    An Introduction to Leasing
    An Introduction to an Extended Warranty
    An Introduction to Life and Disability Insurance
    An Introduction to Special Finance
  • Zooom! and Financial Services PowerPoint Presentations
    A Zooom! PowerPoint presentation is used to introduce customers the Zooom! Purchase Experience. It can also be e-mailed for distance customers/transactions and placed on the (dealer group’s) website(s) and social media platforms.
    Financial Services PowerPoint presentations are also available that are customized to the dealership’s (dealer group’s) product offerings.
    Customized PowerPoint presentations are also created for each manufacturer’s extended warranty product.
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Coaching Tools:

    Interview Questions
    Job Descriptions and Daily Activities
    Fast Start Orientation Guide (for salesperson on-boarding)
    Salesperson Development Matrix (coaching tool)


What Dealer Principals are saying…

“From our perspective we want to ensure you know how important this is to us. We view it as our ‘intellectual property’ and treat it as such to outsiders.

Many others locally and across the country, have tried to observe and copy us. We are proud of what we do and how we do it…and know that Zooom! and the TAG University training component is a differentiator for us versus the competitive landscape. I believe it will become even more important over the next 3-5 years. After the focus and some of the success we have had, we have every reason to scale back, take it easy, put the feet up…BUT, all it’s done for us is give us more fuel to do more, innovate more, practice more, become more consistent, develop our people more and try even harder because we care more. So with that all said, we will also fight hard to protect what we’ve worked hard to build. 

I know this is not lost on you, just an opportunity for us to reaffirm what we are doing… and love the relationship we have built together and look forward to lots more!

And…we would sign an exclusivity agreement if we could!” 

Mike Trotman, C.E.O.
Trotman Auto Group (Vancouver)

“Wye Management has provided our dealerships with the Zooom! Purchase Experience implementation and on-going skills development. In my 11 years leading Pembcorp Auto Group and 18 years prior at Chrysler Corporation, Chris Schulthies and Wye Management are the very best training organization that I have ever worked with.”

Bernie Clement, C.E.O.
Pembcorp Auto Group (Winnipeg)

“We have been using Wye Management for  2 years. ‘Using’ is probably not the appropriate word, it’s truly more like a partnership.  Chris Schulthies and the Wye Management team is the “reference” on automotive selling processes and customer experiences. Their well-documented research is cutting edge and is more than just theory, it’s practical… and it works! Our Net Promoter Scores and CSI, front and back end efficiencies have significantly improved and we are just beginning!!!

Wye Management helps us execute through training which is both informative and motivating.  Outside of the official training days, the trainers also coach and guide our leadership team, including myself.   

Wye Management caters its material and formats to our needs, and continually improves it to adapt to our needs and provides the best possible “fit” with our organization.  

In my 11 years at the retail automotive level and 14 years at the corporate level, I would say without reservation, that Wye Management’s training and consulting is absolutely the summit when it comes to automotive sales training. Period.”

Eric Corso, President
Desmeules Auto Group (Montreal)

There is no training contract.

There is no training contract that requires a 1 or 2 year training commitment. You can end the relationship at anytime with just 30 days notice. This puts the onus on both Wye Management and the client dealer (dealer group) to achieve measured results. You only pay for the monthly training sessions and printed materials as they are delivered.

There is also no monthly support fee for between visit coaching and conferencing. This is provided on a NO CHARGE basis.

How do we get started?

  1. Contact our Training Manager, Anne Preston: email or 1.888.993.6468
  2. A telephone conversation (or conference) call will be arranged between one of our Zooom! trainers and your Dealer Principal, General Manager, General Sales Manager (or all).
  3. Following the conversation, choices of dates will be provided to begin the in-dealership implementation!

Background  The Why?

Prior to the invention of the internet, the customer’s shopping experience consisted of visiting 4-6 dealerships to learn about the various vehicles available and gather information. Collecting brochures and spending significant time with salespeople early in the buying process was the norm, with many customers making 2 or 3 trips back to the same dealership.                                                                                                                                       

Today, because of the unlimited amount of information available online, most customers are highly informed when they walk into your dealership showroom. They are educated through manufacturer, dealership and third party consumer enthusiast/information/advice websites as well as Google, YouTube and social media. Customers have access to vehicles specs, options, pricing and payment information. Manufacturers’ websites provide video content, build and price tools and finance and lease payment calculators. With this unlimited access to information, by the time most customers get to your dealership they know what they want and are ready to buy. In fact, 48% will buy on their first visit.

A more streamlined sales process is NOW HERE that aligns with the customers’ knowledge and buying process. It matches the pace of the customer and gives them the access to the information they want early in their dealership visits – with absolute confidence and transparency. How do we get people to do what we want them to do? Simple. Give them what they want.

Many customers are growing increasingly impatient, frustrated and sometimes even deflated with traditional dealership sales processes (or lack thereof) that do not understand and align with the customer’s current buying process. Moreover, customers are recognizing the inefficiencies within traditional dealership sales processes and the wasted (often painful) time they are left sitting alone at a salesperson’s desk left to their phone or tablet . Most of your customers do not want to spend three or four hours to buy a car at your dealership. They enter the buying process up to 12 months prior to entering your showroom and spend an average of 10 -15 hours online for each vehicle they’re considering. They are ready to buy when they enter your dealership.

The Zooom! Purchase Experience allows your customer to buy or lease their next vehicle fast or slow, in a friendly, fun and transparent atmosphere with a celebratory experience that exceeds their expectations!